Top 5 Things to Look Out for When Picking Out Bathroom Fixtures for Your Remodel

1. Timeless Details

Fixtures can clash in your bathroom and need to be well thought out. You want each piece to fit together like a puzzle and tie your design together. Those smooth moving faucets are going to be your ASMR every morning.

2. Correct Sizing and Spacing

All bathroom fixtures should be proportionate to your space. You also want to create an accessible experience for your morning routine. From where the shower is placed, to when you need to reach out and grab a towel. These are the things that designers think about and we are blessed to have them at our disposal. They have read countless studies and research about how we move every day. They take their own experiences and others to create stunning layouts that will look beautiful for years to come. 

3. Seamless Design

Doubling down on design here. Design is the most important part of the process, it allows us to develop a timeline to look into the future with renderings and elevations. You want your bathroom to be the best it can be for you. Spend the time working with designers to insure that you are happy every step of the process from start to finish. 

4. Functionality

At the end of the day you want everything to work, drain and dry properly. This can only be guaranteed through professional workmanship and quality parts.

5. Durability

When you get your bathroom done, you are going to want the items that you paid thousands of dollars to ensemble to stand the test of time. Cheap products will cost you more money in the long run and cheap quality will eventually be the start of a bad day. 

If a good contractor believes that you are making a bad decision they will let you know, because they know they don’t want it to be their fault down the road. There are some brands we trust, there are some brands we do not trust(*cough* off-brand amazon *cough*). Tell us about your next project below in the comments or fill out a form to be contacted by our team. 

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