How to Avoid Unforseen in Your Bathroom Remodel

The way you start your day can make or break you. Create a space that both functions with ease and manifests positive energy that propels you throughout the day. These are the top 5 things we at The Build Firm want you to avoid like the plague.

Inappropriate Materials

Redoing a bathroom can be fun, exciting and a new experience. You can let your imagination run to the wildest of places, but don’t run too far from the tree. You might commit a bathroom faux-pa!

When redoing a bathroom we must remember that bathrooms are wet places and tend to have a lot of moisture. You are going to want a waterproof solution and stay away from anything that will trap the moisture. Obviously no carpet! What is this the 80’s? Also, steer clear of wood, both real and engineered. These are suitable for kitchens, but with sopping wet guests and kids getting out of the shower, you will notice swelling and delamination before you know it.

 Storage, Storage, Storage

During the design phase, we always address storage and the counter space. The last thing you want to do in the morning is fumble the toothpaste. We pride ourselves in space planning and functionality,  We pride ourselves in space planning and functionality, especially when dealing with a bathroom. 


The last thing that you want is a disproportionate bathroom that lacks flow and form. If your bathroom is not spaced correctly or if it is too crowded, it is going to look non conforming, and you will wind up stubbing your toe every morning. 


Lighting is an important discussion that we cover during our meeting. It can be a lovely feature but also serves an important functionality.

You like to get ready in the dark? 

Of course not.

That gorgeous light fixture might not give you what you need. It is always good to find a happy medium. There are plenty of solutions that will be appeasing as well as functional. Adding a lighted mirror or can lighting can serve as a subtle solution.


A not well ventilated bathroom is going to have you slipping on the floor like Tom Cruise singing Bob Seger. 

Bathrooms are wet and humid places. A proper ventilation system will help your bathroom evacuate moisture plus those unwanted taco tuesday aromas.

If you currently have any of these issues, Please bring them up in our consultation and design meeting so that we can find solutions before starting the project.. When you go with us we want your experience to be perfect from start to finish. Fill out the form below or give us a call to schedule your consultation.

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