May 2021

5 Important Things You Should Know Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Think About LifeFlow

Think about how you and your family are going to move around the kitchen. Do you really want to be walking across the kitchen from your sink to your dishwasher for every plate? Overlooked placement can cause annoyance for years to come. A well thought out lifeflow is going to have you stress free during those hectic times in the kitchen. A well planned kitchen will lead to more joyful holidays down the road.

Choose Your Appliances First

Appliances come in all shapes and sizes. It is always the best idea to choose your appliances first and build around them. The last thing you want to have happen is having clearance issues or a nasty protrusion that you slam your foot on every morning. Also know what new appliances are out there. Maybe a sleek microwave drawer could give you a less crowded countertop and/or a double oven range can show your mother-in-law how thanksgiving is suppose to be done.

Good Lighting is Important

The last thing you want is to have your kitchen finished. Everything looks great. Then night comes and you are starting to realize you might have skimped out on the lighting. Great designers avoid this from happening, but it is always something to keep in mind during the process.

Don't forget about Form And Function

Form and function should be one at all times. The greatest kitchens in the world need counter space and storage. Think about the design and the flow of you and your families lifestyle. A creative layout will have the whole family operating in your kitchen like a Russian ballet. 


We are probably sounding redundant with planning. This is because we cannot stress how important it is. The Build Firm implements planning meetings on every project. They may seem unnecessary and hard work at first, but all come to fruition when you realize how smoothly your project is running.

If these articles get you excited for a redesign, tell us about your dreamy kitchen in the comments below and reach out to us so that we can turn your dreams into a reality.

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6 Things To Look For in a General Contractor

Picking the right general contractor for you is the most important part of any project.


A good contractor just doesn’t magically appear in your home one day. They have been doing this job for a while now and have the work to show for it. You should be asking everyone for their portfolio right off the bat. Don’t be afraid to use it for inspiration even. If you want the best you have to see who does the best work.


You want someone that is going to be taken away by the project completion as much as you are. You are also going to be dealing with this person for the next 3-12+ months.

Do you really want to be doing business with this person if you have the slightest feel of distaste for?

Absolutely not, you want someone who is going to have your back 150% of the way.

You want someone who is going to go to bat for your when a problem arises. You are going to want someone who loses sleep over a project hiccup, so you don’t have to. Think about these things when you are talking with them and your project will go smoothly.


Honesty, accountability, passion and integrity are the most important traits in this industry. Try to sense if your product has these. You want a contractor that is going to turn over a product you will be happy with for years to come.


Who better knows a contractor than their past client?

This is a common practice, don’t shy asking for references. If they can’t provide more than 3…you know where we are going with this.

When talking with those references you will learn a lot about what to expect from that contractor. The best service typically isn’t proven until a problem arises and is resolved. Contact those references to get the outlook to make a decision. 

Problem Solving

Any contractor that tells you they have never had a problem is a liar. That’s our job. We deal with issues every single day, and we keep the train car on the track to completion. For every problem, there is a solution. You are going to want to find someone with that attitude.

Design focused Team

Anybody can get a vanity from Home Depot and drill it into a wall. What sets the amateurs from the professionals is design. Having a design orientated contractor will be massively helpful! Your designer won’t be on the job site everyday. Your contractor will be. A design orientated contractor will provide the guidance and attention to detail that is necessary to turn your design into reality.

Why is this important?

At the end of the day you want a project to add value. Market value yes, but you also want it to create emotional, physical, and mental value for you every day. These designers have spent their careers studying humans interaction with space. You are going to want that expertise in your corner.

And at The Build Firm we bring it to your corner, every single day! We want you to love the space your in every day for years to come. Contact Us below to be connected with one of our professionals to assist you in your home dreams.

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7 Mistakes To Avoid During Your Remodel

Thinking Too Small

Many people when they are tackling their first project often think too small. A brand new vanity may breathe life in your bathroom, but at the end of the day, we know you are going to want the floors done too. We know a lot of remodels are budget-oriented, but if you are on the fence and can afford it, trust us those old finishes will stand out even more, when the job is completed. 

Going with Something Out of Date

Often times when we look for inspiration we may feel a sense of nostalgia happen when something comes across our feed. That nostalgia can stay in the past along with that pink bathroom. You think it might be a great idea for the project. At the end of the day you want your project to be timeless and it needs to create value in your home. When you decide to sell, you want your project to be a statement piece not an eyesore.

Disregard Layout

Layout is important. The flow of your space is important and should be tackled in the design phase. You want to be able to visualize living in that space and what design elements are needed for it to feel like home. Have a team on your side that is versed in space planning. It is an amazing what an experienced creative mind can come up with.

Curving your happiness based on the internet

There are beautiful examples all over the place in this day and age, which sometimes can give us false outlooks. Many times those drop-dead gorgeous bathrooms that you see online and on tv are sets to make you fall in love with their fixtures. Those fixtures are beautiful, but at times they can be impractical. We source the best fixtures in the game and can achieve any vision. Let us know your inspiration during our design meeting.

Overlooking Pitfalls

Inexperience breeds naivety. When looking to start a project you should think about your restraints and what can be done. An experienced contractor will know the pitfalls as soon as they see the project site, now this doesn’t mean they will catch everything and nothing will come up down the road. It just means that they are prepared and will be your hero in an “end of the world” scenario. It an issue that they find a solution to, because they are paid to find the solution to. Creativity is key in this industry and we pride ourselves in creating solutions where others can not.

Poor Planning

Poor planning can draw a project out and severely increase expenses. You want to have all the ducks in a row before the first wall comes down. If not, you could be sitting their with an unfinished project longer than expected. If your contractor is not having multiple meetings with you from contract approval to start date, this is a cause for concern.

Work IS NOT to Code

Work not being up to code is an issue that should never happen. This often happens when amateurs believe they can become professionals by watching a couple of videos a night. Well sorry to say it, but this is where you need to leave it to the actual professionals. All of our projects are guaranteed to be up to code and we wouldn’t start if we couldn’t get it their. Moral of the story? Make sure their is a licensed contractor on your team.

Those are the 7 remodel mistakes to look out for. We hope you enjoyed the article and if you are thinking about getting work done, reach out to us and we will give you a call and see what we can do about those ideas you have. Talk Soon = )

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